SOF skinning question

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The Sea Flea frame is exactly 12' long.Will 4 yards of material be enough given the stretch of nylon? I would hate to be short by 3".

Nice to have extra on ends to pull on.

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Not a lot, but you don't want an exact length piece of material. Sewing generally involves some wastage (ask your wife).

I think a good lengthwise stretch (I do it, pin it there and let it acclimate a while, and then do it again to get a few more inches) is worth all the effort you can put into it. I lay down with feet on cross members so I can get my legs and back into it. Makes the side to side stretching go better (I do that twice as well) for a tighter wrinkle free skin.

I'll let you decide about sewing ends to middle or middle to ends. I like ends to middle and find it easier to work out any issues in the wider area and when pulling up into coaming rather than dealing with it at the harder to control ends (but suspect it depends more on kayak size/shape as some prefer other way).

BTW - is it me or is that coaming backward? Seems like widest end should be aft. Maybe just the photo angle (2 of 5)...

Must be photo angle.

I would order 13’. No way would I want to try to work with 12’ on a 12’ boat. It doesn’t stretch that much.

You’ll need at least a foot or two more. It’s normal to lay the fabric on the keel first. So measure from the tip of the bow to the tip of the stern with the tape following the keel and up the stems.

Bill H.

Thanks all.