SOF vs. QCC 700, Pintail, and Mark1 Ski

Some pictures showing SOF (frame only) next to my QCC 700, VCP Pintail, and Mark 1 Surf Ski.

SOF is 2" narrower and has about 4" more LWL than the QCC (22" longer overall). Rear deck 2 1/2 lower (height inside evne less).

SOF is 1" wider than Mark 1 - and 16" shorter (and quite a bit less LWL).

SOF is really not really much like the Pintail - (3" narrower, MUCH longer, Much more LWL, Swede vs. Fish form) yet they clearly share some common ancestry.

Quite the varied and interesting fleet, just need a plastic SOT and a ICF K-1 and you have one of everything.


gonna have to let me try that one out one of these days Kris…


That will be fun!
Love watching people first time sitting on a ski (and I’m about back to square one myself).

Remind me - if you’re available whenever I do my offical SOF launch - and I’ll bring it along.

Well, sorry, but I sold the WS Tarpon 160. Been there done that at least - and doo still miss it for some things.

There is that Tsunami X-1 (16 x 20") SOT on the ground there poking into a couple shots. That close enough?

Think I’d add a surf kayak before a K-1. Even if we are short on waves.