Seems to me that if you are really interested in pursuing Greenland style maneuvers and traditional rolls etc. that a SOF could very well be in your future at one point or another. Has anyone seen Peter Strands work? His boats sure are beautiful.

I want a pure black one. :slight_smile: no a clear one, no maybe a brown one? how about three?

I have the Cunningham, Roberts and Starr book coming and am looking forward to reading about them. Also will try to hook up with Greyak sometime soon to see how his is coming along.

This link shows some of the Connecticut Kayak club pictures that show some of Peters and Starrs boats. Pretty cool stuff. there are a bunch of wood boats too.


(soon to be boat whore) (Just got the green light from the wife for one more! many boats to choose from…so little time…)

Here is another link…

For sheer beauty…
… hard to beat these:

Good move getting all three books. The differences give you a good idea what’s important and what you can mess around with and still have a good result. Multiple sizing methods too. They all sort of average out.

Lack of electric is putting a serious crimp in my building efforts. I may lose several weeks. Power is up here except 3 buildings -including mine - and individual outages are at the bottom of the priority list.

price points
Peter Strand boat is 1200

Willow is 2000

the other one is 2600

Greyak I have a pic of the Strand I am going to send you e-mail. It’s a beaut.


I’m assuming you’re referring to mine!
:slight_smile: Here’s a picture of my Pete Strand rolling qajaq. The first one is the qajaq next to an NDK Explorer for volume comparison. This is the qajaq that I WILL be straitjacket rolling soon!

didn’t know if you wanted it posted as yours.

the garage is yours if you want it to keep building. I will be back by Saturday…have to go to Raleigh to see my Dad.

At the very least you should move over here until you have power… unless your SO has power and you are ok?


Thanks, and…
… if I didn’t have to work all week - after being down for a week - I’d probably take you up on that offer.

Since my neighborhood’s electric is on except for 3 buildings I doubt FPL will be back for a while. I have some intermittent power now from the landlord’s generator, but he sort of intends that for running the refrigerator - not an in apartment workshop (which he must have noticed by now?). What do I need my refrigerator for? I’ve got a boat to build! L

If I were just a little farther ahead and had the deck pieces a bit more done I’d be OK. No one would notice me cutting a small piece here or there or steaming ribs. As it stands I have a baker’s dozen pieces (gunnels, foot brace, and all flat deck beams) I want to sand/smooth/round over before moving on, and then a masik and knee brace to cut from rock hard Ash. All stuff I’m better off wimping out and using some power tools for. If I did have that done I could work on pegging/lashing, breast hooks, stem/stern, and then stringers - all pretty quietly and low tech. Somewhere in there I’ll need to make bending jigs (more power tools) and do some more figuring before I get to any rib bending.

In the meantime, even though nothing progresses, gravity may work to get me just a little more sheer in those 18.5’ apummat siting on the horses…

Tip: If you stick to a kayak around 17 1/2’ or less you can save some time and effort and use stock 16’ 1x6 ripped down the middle (mirrored grain) for the gunnels. Plenty long enough for a rolling qajaq if that’s what you’re after. In other words - do as I say, not as I do - and do as others wiser than I do. at about 6 meters, mine will be a unique qajaq (though not unheard of).

Shell Lumber in Miami has some really nice pine (and probably anything else you might want for wood - white oak, ash, etc.), easy to pick though on shelves. Cut/ripped to whatever you need while you wait. They have WRC 2x4x8s too, but I’ve spotted none with decent grain, yet. A couple of the longer boards looked good and worth sacrificing to get a good shorter piece. Maybe I’ll think about making a GP again once the boat’s done…

These too are a work of art.
John Petersen builds some beautiful SOF’s and also some really nice paddles. His work can be seen at