Soft Camp Lite

Bright enough to read by if close to it, but not glaring. To hand from the tundra tarp. What are y’all using?

Head lamp
and keep your hat on. The bill of the hat will block the glare.


Freeplay “Indigo” LED lantern.
Recharges from AC, and also has a separate flashlight LED plus a generator crank in case the batteries run down. The 7 lamp LEDs have a brightness control. Has been adequate for reading. The LED light is a bit “cold” but not glaring.

3 LED folding light. About the size & weight of a deck of cards, 2 brightness levels, fold out hanging hook, runs 30-40 hours on 4 “AA” batteries, $8 at Walmart.


I use a LightWedge.

You can get them cheaper than their website.