Soft durable floating paracord?

Hi, Trying to find a source for bulk soft durable floating line 1/8-1/4". Like floating paracord. Have the yellow poly single braid but stiff, chafes, and not easiest to handle/pack for painters, throw lines, ect. Thanks, Rick


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1/4" water rescue rope(braided polypro) is fairly easy to find, and you can get versions with a high-strength core. NRS lists 3/16" as well.

Why so small? From my experience in moving water, anything smaller than 1/4" is hard to grab, and even 1/4" is marginal in cold water.


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..........try the following ........

Google will yield more sites to browse..good luck

Home Depot

if the link does not work, just google Home Depot and search for rope

this is a “kernmantle” type of poly rope, with a smoothe core and a braided poly sheath - I use the 3/8 on my boats for painter lines. It floats, it has a nice knotablility and good hand - i.e. it holds knots well and gives you a good grip. its also reasonably cheap $7.77 for a hundred foot hank), and plenty strong enough for painter lines, but not for rescue rope

the link I posted is to 1/4" od - it comes in 3/8ths and I saw a 5/32" line that may be similar or not - for painters, you don’t want to go too small a diameter, as its hard to get a good grip, which is why I choose the 3/8"

Thanks for all the sources & ideas
Have good commercial throw bags for swiftwater rescue but looking for easy working floating line in small to medium sizes for a variety of other small craft applications. Will go web hunting. Rick

Not kernmantle
That Home Depot rope is not a proper kernmantle rope.

The outer poly layer is all there is for both strength and wear resistance. The stuff inside is just fluff to increase the diameter.

A real kernmantle rope has a core or “kern” of proper rope stuff, where the strength comes from, and a cover or “mantle” for abrasion resistance.

Can’t go wrong with NRS
rescue rope. High quality, variety of sizes, and reliable.

When one is talking about painters, is the cost per foot really the deciding factor? I prefer to have quality line onmy hulls.


It’s not “paracord” per se, but Menard’s has heavy duty 3/16" multi strand braided rope, it says it floats and has a 300# working load. I just got a couple 150’ skeins of it for 4 bucks each! I worked with it on something and it seems like good stuff.