Soft Roof Rack Question

Hi! I recently got a soft roof rack as a temporary solution for my kayak transportation. I plan to get a truck next year, but until then, I needed something, and once I get one, I plan to hack the soft rack apart to use the foam for other things.

The concern I have is that the material of the soft rack looks like Cordura and I believe it will be abrasive to my roof. I know washing the roof to get rid of dirt/grime is the biggest thing to do, but was wondering if anyone had suggestions for a type of liner I could glue to this thing as an extra measure. Felt, carpet, an old towel? Any suggestions?


Something like fleece may work well. Soft, quick drying, should be just enough to pad things out.

Pick up a yard or two at a fabric store like Micheals or similar. Maybe two or three layers would make a nice pad. If no access to sewing equipment, careful use of contact cement may be a good way to keep it all together.

Yakima uses felt to pad their saddles, so that might work. However, anything placed directly on the roof has the possibility of abrading the paint if there is any dirt or grit. That’s the reason why people use factory or addon racks to carry things.