Soft roof racks

Has anyone used them for a trip and are they a serious alternative to the hard roof racks. I have a new Honda and hard racks on my Forester and I did not want to buy a new rack. Thanks for your help.

Maybe this

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I bought a Handi Rack and it's the cat's meow.

Put it in the corner of your trunk and it takes but a few minutes to mount,inflate it, and load your conoe on. Don't know how it would work for more than one canoe.

The Handi Rack is the best soft rack options. It can handle two skinny kayaks which for a naked roof application is great. Well built.

Malone of Maine is the USA distributor

You don’t want no stinkin foam blocks
The main difference between roof racks and foam blocks is that foam blocks don’t look cool; they make you look like a dilettante. If you don’t mind looking like a wuss go ahead and use the foam blocks. But there is another problem. The racks give you something to lash your boat to that you don’t have with foam blocks. There are two ways to address this problem.

I recommend that you buy eight 3/4” diameter forged steel eye bolts. Drill eight 13/16” holes in the roof of your new Honda, one on each side at the front and one on each side at the rear of each kayak. Using 3/16” plate washers top and bottom of each bolt, install the bolts in the roof, torquing them down well. You can pour hot tar around the each bolt to keep water from leaking into the car. Now you have something you can lash your boats to.

The other approach makes you look even wussier. You have to string lines from the bow and stern in a manner that will keep the boats from rotating, sliding forward or backward, or sliding from side to side. You will probably end up looking like an explosion at a yarn factory. It’s up to you.

if you already have crossbars
the foam blocks work just fine. I use them on my Forester all the time, in fact I prefer them over any other style of rack.

I have transported 2 kayaks from Florida to Vermont and back on foam blocks without any problems.

After re-reading your post I am assuming I call crossbars what you call roof racks. If you don’t have crossbars then the soft racks won’t work as well. You won’t have anywhere to secure the kayak straps, unless you go around the entire hood. Going around the hood isn’t a very good option.

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I want to use something on a Honda
The Forester needs to stay home and save on gas. I need something for a Honda Civic. Hope this helps clarify my situation a little better.

The Handi Rak, as mentioned above…
I have seen it, and it’s the bomb. Especially for a car without a rak system. I have a Jeep Wrangler, and it would work by mounting on the roll bars. Nice system.

does anyone tried this Handi Rack in sedan car carrying a Sea Kayak (@ 18’)?
I’m just gonna buy a Kayak and i don’t know if this is good option, its just for 3 hrs drive .

Just make sure you clean the roof and whatever will be touching it beforehand; even microscopic grit will scratch the paint.