Soft Side Coolers, AO ? Seatle Sports?

Any one familiar with this brand of soft sided cooler?

I’ve wanted another soft sided cooler for a long while. But only the Polar Bear cooler has gotten really good reviews from paddling friends I trust. Bought one of those for my brother for his 50th birthday earlier this month.

The AOs seem priced about the same and at least their marketing makes them sound of similar quality.

Also noticed that Seatle Sports brand has a “frost pack” that sounds good too. Like the vinyl exterior Anyone tried one of those?

Here in Tejas, keeping it cool takes some work.

No, But Polar Bear Coolers…
…are the best I’ve used. I’ve converted several friends over to them. No other soft coolers come close to their insulating ability. And they don’t leak through and leave a wet spot in your vehicle.

Video Persuasion
Terry, Your endorsement of the Polarbear cooler is why my brother now has a camo version of the “12 pack” size.

However, not being able to accept well enough, I googled around and saw the video where they throw a loaded AO Cooler off a cliff out in the desert to test its durability. That really appeals to the 12 year old in me :-)!

Hadn’t Heard of Them
Hmmm, I like the idea of having the large “Dry” pockets too. I might have to check them out too!