Soft Top material repair.

Hello all. I’m new to paddleboarding, but I picked up two beat up Wavestorms for $125 with paddles and leashes. The problem is the material on the top is scratched off of the sides and peeling in many places. I’ve done a lot of reading and learned I can hot glue down the existing material to stop the peeling, but no mention of what to use to replace the material. I did read for a cut off tail project to use Tolex, but only find amplifier covers with tolex and it looks like a denser material than what is on the wavestream. I’m not in the game of paying 60 bucks to redo the hole board for something that is not a need, but am looking for an option of coving the exposed foam. Right now the foam is not an issue, but these boards are for my kids and I’m afraid of foam being broken off and falling into the ocean. Everything I’ve read states that all the traditional ways will eat the foam, like epoxy. I am considering trying flex seal, but worried that might also eat the foam. Any ideas or advice is greatly appreciated.

Flex Seal makes a paint that can be used on foam.

Good on you for being proactive about the ocean.

Thank you Rookie. After spending some time snorkeling with Sea Turtles and seeing the little bits of trash we get once in a while and watching the fish try to do something like eat it I don’t want to be part of the problem. Flex seal liquid rubber looks like the best option I’ve got and a good one at that.

If you want a hard surface just to seal the poly foam., you can use West Systems G-flex epoxy.
Spread a very thin coat over the exposed poly foam, (a thin coat won’t heat up and melt the foam )
Then the next day lightly sand the coat with a 200 or higher grit sand paper, wipe off the sand dust with alcohol land give it a second coat. When that is dry, the next day repeat the process but this time coat it with a marine spar urethane or varnish.