solar battery recharger

Has anyone used a solar battery recharger for AA batteries on a long kayak trip? What did you use? What modifications did you make?



Solar power
Sea Kayaker Mag. did a review on one a few issues ago…check their website or try to locate some back issues

I know Harbor Frieght has some, Not sure how good they are…Any experience out there?


Brunton line of flexible panels!
Brunton has a whole line of various flexible solar panel rechargers. They seem expensive but they are very high quality. They have the advantage of being able to be placed under deck rigging when in use and taken down and stowed at will. This reduces corrosion problems of fixed installations. Check them out by googling.

Flexible solar panels
Beside Brunton’s Solarrolls, PowerFlex™ is available in 5, 10, 20 and 40 watt versions.

They claim to work under cloudy or rainy skies.

I used the awesome solar panels by Iowa Thin Films for last years 6-month solo trip in which I needed to recharge camera and other batteries to update a web site from the river.

Contact Steve Martens via the web site.

They come with adapters and more (if that doest work maybe take off the “s” after “film” or do a search but i think thats the correct one.

They work great and allowed me to keep all my power recharged in remote places so i could send updates of my journey.


Iowa thin films is also what the “Hudson Bay Expedition” is using right now as they head north