Solar panel battery charger

-- Last Updated: Jun-22-09 2:57 AM EST --

I have documented a simple solar panel battery charger for low consumption devices.
If you need to charge small items (cameras, radios etc) you might not need large and expensive solar panels.
The parts I have used are available in Australia but since they are not manufactured in OZ, I am sure that equivalent ones are availaible in USandA :-)
More details at:

once again
you have shown your creative skills. Electrics and me don’t get along, so it is above my pay grade. Do you know of any units that are preconfigured? It would be nice recharge camera, iphone, and VHF.



my search for a decent
solar panel with integrated charger that I could use for my batteries (other than AA/AAA) was not successfull.

There are some chargers for USB ports (5V) but that does not help me with the 12V needed for most other chargers.

For a USB solar charger, I guess ebay is the place.

why what you did is good
that is what I thought. too bad, seems like it would be a winner. i like how you can remove yours when needed.