Solar panels

This hasn’t been discussed in some years and the technology has advanced since so…

I have an old Goal-Zero solar charger that I use to charge batteries for my headlamp, flashlights, camp lantern and, occasionally, my E-reader when I do an extended trip. It takes about half-a-day to charge 4 AA-batteries and never fully recharges my Nook.
I do carry a back-up battery or power-box (whatever they call these things) to ensure that my phone has a charge at the take-out so I can call my shuttle but my solar charger is mostly to top off my AA & AAA batteries for my lights.

With the new advancements and companies out there, I am thinking of adding a newer and more powerful solar charger to keep my batteries and Nook charged and after a lot of reviews and vids, I have come down to the Anker and the 1byone. BUT I cannot find anything comparing these two panels. Price and stats seem to be comparable so unless I am missing something, it may come down to a coin-flip.

Anyone have any thoughts as to which would be best for paddling under my noted use?
note: ignore the hype about keeping your phone and I-pad charged which seems to be what the ads focus on.

You might explore the WaterTribe forum, as they have lots of experience on the topic. The search function works pretty well. Here’s one thread I found:

We have the Anker with three panels(20) i think. Works great. Also got a lot of “editors choice”. We use it at camp, not while in the water. It has loops so you can attach it to your pack, back etc however I didnt check if it is waterproof because i never really planned on strapping it to the deck of boat while paddling.

I’d go to Scott Warren’s web site and take a look at equipment list. He recently completed the Florida CT, 1500mi circumnavigaton of Florida. He used a solar battery charger that was always out on deck.

I use an All Powers 18W to recharge My Qi-Infinity Li-ion batteries that run my cpap machine on multi-day paddle and rafting trips. It does still take a good portion of a sunny layover day to fully recharge one of my batteries, but the solar panel packs well. My rafting buddy did a 21 day Grand Canyon trip using a 60W folding panel to keep his two Li-Ion batteries charged to run his cpap. Lots of good brands of folding solar chargers on Amazon.