Solar roll for ICOM M72?

Does anyone know if the Brunton Solaroll or the Solarport will charge the ICOM M72? I’m trying to decide between the extra battery pack and a solar option which will also be useful for other devices.


If you have a car charger adapter it will work. Time to charge will depend on the size of the cell and the strength of the sunlight. The flexible cells are much less efficient than the regular cells.

If your Icom is like my Icom
you don’t have the car adapter, just the 110v docking station.

You could get a cheapie inverter (maybe a Whistler, $20 or so), 100w, that plugs into a 12v lighter socket, and adapt the socket to the charger (if it doesn’t include one).

The car adapters are extremely overpriced, with the little inverter, I can use the standard 110v chargers included with all my devices, and skip buying hundreds of dollars worth of adapters.

I too have been looking into the solar charger options, check out Sunlinq, foldable, weatherproof, lightweight, the 6w model runs under $100.

M-72 charger

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The M-72 charger base uses a wall wart when used on household current and plugs into the side. At the point of connection on the charger base the required voltage is 12 vdc. If you can find a 12 vdc cig. plug / cord at radio shack with the base adapters ( they are cheap in cost) make sure the center of the plug is the positive. This works very well at a much lower cost than ICOM sells their 12 v plug for. If you have auto plug wire from other ICOMS they will work. All that is require at the base unit is 12 vdc center positive. If you use the solar roll with enough time it will provide enough power. The only problem is it would have to be used off water due to the radios drop-in charger base. BTW Lyn the M-72 seems to be a great radio with about 14 hrs of run time.

Thanks everyone
I was hoping that I could charge it without bringing the clunky base charger but that won’t work. I’m going to just buy a backup battery.

Thanks for the help and ideas. I agree it’s a great radio but wish it had a way to switch to AA batteries like the SH.