Solo and close to home

My home state of Rhode Island has been locked up tight since mid-March, but tomorrow we enter Phase 2 of the COVID-19 Reopening Plan - parks and beaches are reopening, the stay-at-home order is gone, social gatherings are allowed to increase to 15 people, and travel restrictions are being relaxed. It’s likely that our local club will start scheduling group trips in June. We’ll see…

I had stuff to do yesterday, so I stayed close to home and did a trip on my local river the Blackstone. I did the section from the Blackstone Gorge up to the Millville Rapid – about three miles of flatwater, and then some playing at an easy rapid. My original plan was to carry up to the top of the rapid, but the trail was overgrown with poison ivy and briars, so I passed on that – just played at the bottom.

Nice trip – few pictures of the flatwater section here:


That’s a nice-looking river.

The way to get better as a paddler. Stick your nose in there and discover every inch of a rapid.

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