Solo BWCA Outfitter

I amlooking for sugestions of a good outfitter (Complete Outfitting)for first time solo fish,canoe trip to BWCA

I think you will find Piragis to have the largest selection of Wenonah and Bell solo’s available for rental. I recommend them unless you have another brand of solo in mind. They are knowledgeable folks and will help you get the right fit for boat.

If you are going in by way of Ely, might I also suggest Voyager North, Lynn and John are good people and very helpful… Also they have a live bait shop too…


If You Go Up the Gunflint Trail…

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...out of Grand Marais, Hungry Jack Outfitters are who I would reccomend. Good, knowledgable folks who aren't there just to squeeze a buck out of the place.
If you go via Ely, plan to spend some time at Piragis even if you get your outfitting elswhere. And I've also heard good things about Voyageur North, although; I've never used them. Lynn is a "Contributor" here and some other canoe boards and seems very knowledgeble and personable. Good luck! WW

I second
the Hungry Jack Outfitter suggestion on the Gunflint Trail end. They have been very helpful to me in the past.