solo canoe. and riging off a canoe

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hi all.
ok i got a esquif pressage canoe..that dont track that well to fish.

and got a scott prospector15. in fiberglace that i like but would mabe change for onother solo canoe for fishing.and mabe some bit off free style canoeing for fun.

what is the best for the $$ for solo canoe/fishing for a big man(240pound)..

something that track well.

but not to expensive.

and would like to see pict off some rig canoe to fish..



Iā€™m 230 in the summer and my

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Wenonah Sandpiper does well with me and probaby 60 lbs of gear. But, I'd rather have the Wenonah Vagabond, Wilderness, or Prism. All three will do well with you at 240 lbs. The Wilderness and Prism offer more capacity for trips of several days. I use my Sandpiper on a 14,000 acre lake, though not on the main part of the lake unless its a still day. It does fine. The only exception is it can take a bit of water over the bow or sides if the wind kicks up large whitecaps. I try to avoid those conditions, but, sometimes, you get caught and its a ways from home.

No pictures, but you can rig an anchor trolley to a canoe. I ran min under the thwarts. Works well.