Solo Canoe as Double?

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Would a 14' "solo" canoe such as this one work for two 180lb adults or one of them and a 100lb child?

Flat protected water, little to no current, a few hours out and back, no cargo.

Seems these canoes are generally intended to carry at least 100lb of gear and the paddler... Question is, would 2 people be too much and would it be physically comfortable to position seats for two in them...

I suppose for what I describe above just about anything that floats and is big enough and not heavier than 40-60lb would do. However, I would likely want to paddle it on my own from time to time and probably take it not only on flat water but to deep water class 2 or pass through easy 3 rapid occasionally (again, day paddling, no load).

I know very little about canoes, so please keep that in mind. Kayaking, I know plenty about, and have specialized boats for different uses, but I don't want to build a fleet of canoes. Might just rent one rather than buy, so my question is more theoretical at this point, but if a good deal for a lightweigth suitable canoe presents itself, I might just jump on it.

In a word, no.

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There is no way this boat can handle two 180 lb. people, neither the weight nor the volume. It is simply too small for such a load.

I’ve had two people totaling ~350 on
a 13 foot Mad River Compatriot, on a small, protected lake. It was OK for going out and watching shooting stars at night, but the boat was clearly overloaded and not capable of doing anything serious.

It’s a great boat,
But for all of your criteria I would look for an Old town Penobscot 16 out of roylex.

Jack L

It’s not so much the weight…
…as where that weight is located. 180lb man with 100lb gear below the gun’ls - okay. 180lb man at each end (or in the middle back to back ftm) with half or more of that weight above the gun’ls…interesting time.

Thanks, that’s what I was thinking too…
Space and center of gravity/stability as well as overall responsiveness will all be too negatively affected…

tangential comment
Nothing new to add to the points already made above. Just felt like remarking on how this owner appears to have used the classic “hose it down before taking pictures” trick to hide scratches/scuffs/sun fading. He did a good enough job that I thought I was looking at shiny gel coat at first, rather than wet Royalex.