solo canoe for under 400$

I’m looking for a new solo canoe for under 400$ is there such a thing? It would be used for fishing and paddling small lakes.

Check out the Wenonah Sandpiper for a nice inexpensive canoe.I bought a brand new one for 544.00.I dont think you are going to find anything new for 400.00.

not new
You won’t find a new solo canoe for that price. You might be able to find an older used one if you are really patient. You might have better luck looking for a used recreational kayak.

Under $400
It will be tough to find a new solo for under $400. Keep your eyes peeled for a used one. I bought a used Old Town Pack for $300. I like it just fine. Wenonah Sandpipers and Vagabonds might be had used for close to $400. Or checkout Mohawk Canoes at:

Their Solo 13 and 14 are reasonably priced and there are a few folks on the board here that use them.

The Merlin
Plans and book cost $30, Wood,glass and epoxy cost under $300 . Get away from the tv and build one.

building one!
I think building one would be way beyond my scope. I don’t consider my self very handy with the tools at all!. Did you build your own? Was it hard?

Building your own
canoe is an experience I recommend to every one. sorta like marriage. There is something to paddling your own strip built canoe. I can not say my design and construction is faster, but it feels so nice out on the lake or river with admiring gazes from all the yuppies who have to buy a boat when you Built yours…

Buy used…
…if price is an issue. If you consider buying a tandem and paddling sitting backwards on the bow seat, it expands the # you might find.

re build your own
it sounds like building my own canoe is the only way I’ll be able to have what I want. When you buy a kit is the wood pre-cut. Or do you cut it all you self? What tools do you need?

depends on the design.
If you’re talking stitch and glue, then you could build under $400 and get a nice open deck solo canoe.

For a strip built, I think you’d have to invest at least double. I’ll save the trade offs between stitch and glue and strip built for another discussion thread.

As far as precut wood panels, depends on the vendor and what they offer. Some designs are simple enough where drawing your own lines is easy.

I’m tinkering with a solo canoe S & G design following this formula:

I want a solo canoe for my own personal needs and I think Cliff’s formula is just the ticket.

Saw dust and epoxy should start flying in April.