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I’m finally facing the fact that my knees will not tolerate canoeing any more. Are there any active FB groups, web forums, etc. where I could post an Argosy for sale? Classifieds on here have been useless ever since the owners went to the new forum software, or maybe that software change just coincided with when people started abandoning web forums like this one in favor of social media. Anyway, I’m mostly a whitewater paddler, so I’m plenty plugged into that community. But I have no idea where to find people who would even know what a flatwater solo canoe is.
FB: Solo Canoe
Freestyle Canoeing Group on FB Some folks there are seeking an Argosy

Plenty of folks who know what a flawater solo canoe is but you have to turn over the right rock!.. Also you might run over to Peninsula if you are near Cleveland… There will be about fifty solo flatwater canoeists who could help you.

Thanks! I’ve posted it over on the bwca forum now, and I’ve got a ‘join’ request for the two FB groups. doesn’t seem to exist anymore - it just goes to a domain reseller’s site.


@pblanc said:

yep… My bad…

Yep, the ‘net’ suffix worked. Thanks.

Have you tried craigslist - I’ll bet it goes. Plenty of people around here looking for flatwater solos - especially royalex. Just out of curiosity, what are you asking for it?

Never mind - I found it on I’d be interested to know what you get for it. It looks like brand new. The pedestal probably won’t attract many flatwater paddlers, but it is easy enough to put the seat back in. Like I said, people are looking for them around here, so hopefully you will have good luck there.

Yeah, the problem around here is that there are probably only like 20 people in the whole region who even know what a solo canoe is. I’m gentle with my gear, especially flat water gear, so you’re correct that the boat is in nearly new condition. I don’t know the flat water world as well as I do the whitewater, so I might be totally off base with my price. I posted it in a nearby city’s Craigslist - so far only scammers have replied, asking me to 'plz email your final price for the item." lol

That is what I paid for my Yellowstone Solo new in 2006. Price is relative. They are not making new royalex boats, so if someone wants wants one they need to find it used, and there is a small pool of used boats out there. If you are looking for a quick sale its probably on the high side, but compared to a new composite solo at $3,000, your price is a bargain for the right buyer. I wouldn’t sell my YS Solo at that price because I probably couldn’t replace it. Like I said, I’d be interested to hear how you make out. Good luck.

My friend sold an Argosy in good condition for either $700 or $750 a couple of years back, I can’t remember which. In general, an Argosy will likely not fetch quite as much as a Royalex Yellowstone Solo, but I don’t think that is an unreasonable initial asking price.

Is that your Dagger Caption and Mad River Outrage in the BWCAW forum photo?

I sold my RX Argosy with the seat in for $650 last year at the Solo Canoe Rendezvous; a gathering of 150 or so solo canoe enthusiasts on the Ohio PA border near New Castle… I originally asked $700. There are plenty of flatwater solo canoeists and I know of a couple near Athens. They however do not look at Craigslist but prefer to kick the tires and try boats out… There is a solo canoe event next weekend In Peninsula OH… They draw mostly from OH and PA

In person usually gets you better genuine deals than CL… But I have sold on P net… Did you list here? I see you did… Better price than that other Argosy…

I’ve had decent luck on Craigslist, especially with less specialized gear - rec kayaks, old mountain bikes, etc. It takes some patience, though. I’d say the response rate is about 10:1 scammers to actual inquiries, and of the legit inquiries, maybe 1 in 3 will actually show up to look at the item. But it doesn’t cost anything, other than the effort to delete the scam messages. And with niche sports like this, it’s real easy to tell whether the person on the other end actually knows the sport or not.

I posted the Argosy in the Columbus OH Craigslist and so far am doing better than typical - only one scammer and one legit inquiry. Unfortunately, the legit inquiry is from someone who is too tall/heavy to enjoy the boat, and I let him know in my reply.