Solo canoe or converted tandem kayak?

Does anyone have experience with solo canoes?

Could I center the seat in a Nunavut Tandem and achieve the same thing? I’m looking for a stable photography boat.

Anyone know a list of single andem kayaks? said:
Anyone know a list of single andem kayaks?

List claims each manufacturer offers at least one hard shelled SINK.

You have plenty of options in both single and tandem kayaks. One thing i can suggest is sit-on-top kayak like ocean kayak prowler 13 for photography and experience as your mobility will be easy. Where do you wish to kayak on? Lakes, rivers ? That might help to suggest you something specific.

There are hundreds of solo canoes and canoes that an be paddles solo. Without knowing where you paddle a hard question to answer
I’d guess that a pack canoe would meet your needs. They have a kayak seat low and weigh half as much or less than a SOT
Look at Hornbeck boats

I want something on my roof to give me a chance to reach wildlife and get me unique angles. Ideally, it should be light and plastic so it doesn’t scratch my paint. I don’t want anything that inflates because that seems like a hassle. That has me thinking of a Pungo or some sort of broad plastic boat.
Sea kayak length and tipsiness might be an issue.

Still water and patience. If I fall asleep waiting for the dawn, I don’t want to dunk me and my gear :).

The Pungo is a great boat for what you describe.
ANY boat can scratch your car. You need something between the boat and the paint, preferably a rack.

Why a deck??
That’s the beauty of pack canoes.
Without something between the boat and car you are going to mess up your paint.

Even the slightest movement will do this. A few grains of sand can wreak havoc

I will have some sort of rack and\or foam or something that make sense. I’ll likely be loading\unloading alone. Extra points if its light, maneuverable, and stable.

Kayamedic, I can see a pack canoe being useful for more ambitious projects. Cheap second hand fishing kayak, or the pungo, might be easier to buy\find.