solo canoe paddling technique

have a wenonah argosy solo. love this boat, but need

info on technique in class 1 1/2-2 water. not a lot of sources in middle tennessee. suggestions/pointers? thanx!

middle TN whitewater resources
Actually, there are loads of resources for whitewater technique in middle Tennessee. The Tennessee Scenic Rivers Association (TSRA) is a large club centered in Nashville. They frequently have trips on the Duck River which would be a good place to start, if you have not paddled on moving water. The Tennessee Valley Canoe Club (TVCC) is centered in Chattanoga and Chota is centered in the Knoxville area. The Elk, Duck, and Sequatchie Rivers should be within reasonable driving distance and provide a good introduction to Class I water. The Hiwasse river at Reliance is a very popular Class II river that all the local clubs use as a training ground for their canoe schools. All of the clubs mentioned have spring paddling schools. Membership to the club is required but the fee for the 2 day school is modest as are yearly dues. If you are looking for more formal (but more expensive education, check out Nantahala Outdoor Center in Western NC. There are numerous quide books describing the rivers of Tennessee as well.


I have not seen this but it looks like it should be worth while.

You might also look for Bill Mason’s “Path of the Paddle” series and “Drill Time, Solo Playboating” with Kent Ford, Bob Foote and Wayne Dickert.