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I ordered the Pack from a retail store and it has arrived damaged (a few dents and scrapes on one side - nothing showing on the inside, none on the bottom, and doesn’t seem to have broken through the outer layer). They are offering a 15% discount. Should it be lower for damaged goods if the damage isn’t structural - say 25%? Any advice would be appreciated.

The Way I See It…
Ask yourself how much you’d be able to sell it for with the dents and scratches, and ask for a discount accordingly. Damaged is damaged when an item is supposed to be new, and you didn’t ask for a damaged canoe…

Is this a wall mount for your dwelling
or do you intend to actually use it paddling ? Serious paddlers get them banged up pretty quickly. Newbies and wannabees do not.

I would take a very close look at the
hull and the fittings. If the boat had something dropped on it the stresses could have fractured the ends of thwarts and seats.

Personally I think fifteen percent off is laughable. Its not hard to get fifteen percent off on a new undamaged boat. If it were my boat I would reject it outright.

If the retailer does not want to play fair with you file that away.

Without knowing construction and seeing images how can anyone respond in a meaningful way?

OT Pack is OT Pack
it comes one way.

Pictures would be nice.

I know more data & pictures would be good but don’t have any handy. Will post again with photos when I get over there this week. Thanks for the input so far - I thought 15% was a lame offer, which is why I posted.

Retail is $900…
…so 15% would be $135. 25% would be $225. I don’t know if a small cosmetic dent/scratch is worth $225*, so maybe somehwere in the middle…??? That’s assuming no other damage was done, as described in another post. I just bought a new condition demo canoe for less than 1/3 of its retail price, and this canoe is near perfect.

*It would be worth $225 or more on higher priced canoe, so I have to qualify that. I had a retail store, and we did ship (bicycles). If it arrived damaged, we would have given you a refund, and gone after UPS.

FOB origin? FOB destination?
“I ordered the Pack from a retail store and it has arrived damaged”

what was the point of sale - I’d guess at the store, so generally that means you owned the canoe there.

Shipping, even if arranged for you by the store, becomes your problem - i.e. YOU need to go after the shipper.

now, a good retail outlet should take care of its customers, and they should likely take responsibility, but probably don’t have to

if its only a small dent and a few scratches, I’d take the 15% reduction in price - but have them void the original sale and redo it at the 85% price so that you don’t pay sales tax on 15% - that is the best way to handle that, and how I’d push the dealer to go. if you can get more, fine, but a couple of little dents ?

Pack verse OT Pack

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Ah, but the OP didn't add the OT, leaviing us to wonder just which pack. And, is it the $900 RX or the less expensive 119 Triple dump model?