solo canoe re-entry


Good for tandems

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It doesn't work as well with dedicated solos.

Worth a try though.. though those skinny solos stay skinnier throughout!

If you can avoid the skinny solo from rotating beneath you at the get go you have a chance.

I actually saw someone get in

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from the end, without a stirrup. It was hot out, and I'm pretty sure he didn't know better and had just given up getting in from the side. It was very sloppy but in the end he flopped into the canoe.

I can imagine how a smaller, skinnier canoe would make this almost impossible though.

I like watching the "montreal" re-entry. Canoeing seems to have much better names for strokes and re-entries than kayaking does!

I agree
Trying to re-enter a dedicated solo usually results in sinking the stem under water and swamping the boat. If you weigh a certain amount with a given hull displacement, well it’s an Issac Newton thing. It’s not impossible, but not a good technique for many.

I see nifty ideas for re-entering canoes all the time. But in my experience that’s the easy part. Getting the canoe emptied of water when you can’t touch the bottom before attempting your reentry is the real trick.


empting a solo

getting in for me:

get swimming at the front thwarth,

grab it with 1 hande so that yout other hand is at te seat side.

psuh hard with your feet,

grab with your seat hand to the other gunnel

keep horizonatal en swimmm with your feet

as soon as your head is over the opposite gunnel/your but over the boat , turn inside.

will try to make a vid of that as well.

But I’m thinking that might not work so well on a heavily tumblehomed boat.


Wet Entry
Better to re-enter over the bow quarter, so the paddler just needs roll to be in feet-forward position. Much easier to roll over then flip!

Video seems to work with a large solo and a compact paddler; [robab;y not with smaller hull and larger paddler.