solo canoe rental in coastal SC / GA

I will be visiting relatives in Augusta, Georgia, in March and want to take a few days to paddle and camp in a place that doesn’t have ice cubes in the water. My short list (which could get longer) includes the Okefenokee Swamp, the Altamaha River, Little Tybee Island, and the Edisto River.

I am happy to hear recommendations of other places, but my real problem is that I love to paddle solo canoes, and I haven’t found an outfitter that will rent me one. Are there any?

– Mark

Hi Mark
Call Tom Monahan at Up The Creek. Tom’s kayak and outfitter shop sells gear and guides trips. He is a great guy and located new both Cumberland Island and the OK swamp. His number is (912) 882-0911. His email is

I hope you have a great time.


found one possibility, still looking
Up The Creek doesn’t have any solo canoes. Thanks for the suggestion, though.

It looks like Okefenokee Adventures, the concessionaire on the east side of Okefenokee Swamp, has at least one solo canoe, a “Mohawk 14.”

Any other possibilities welcome.

– Mark

I have a solo you’ll like
I have a Dagger Sojourn that’s ideal for your trip down south, and also for Algonquin. It is 15’ and weighs 44#. Pretty boat, goes fast, likes to go straight but will turn well enough for the kind of paddling you’re into, just not enough manuverability to run Class II rock gardens without a lot of turning effort. With a double blade it keeps up to touring kayaks just fine.

You’re welcome to borrow this one. I’m 5 miles off I-81 in Lexington, VA so you go right by my place to get to Atlanta.

This one is sort of on the market. But, everytime I describe it to someone I wind up thinking it’s such a good boat I should keep it, if for no other reason than as a guest boat.


Maybe try
CanoeCanoe Outfitters, Lyons, GA

Don’t know if they rent solo’s but the proprietor has as much experience in those areas as anyone.

(912) 526-8222