solo canoe seat to saddle

I am thinking of changing my web seat on a mohawk solo 14 to a saddle. I had a WW canoe with a saddle and realy liked it on the tight creeks I paddle,but when you hit a long stretch of flat water tracking was gone.Nothing around here is hardly over a class II. What I had in mind was to make another yoke and mount it on the back side of the saddle to hold pressure down and take the place of the braceing from the web seat.the front part will be open where I can stretch my legs forward when I hit a long flat so I can use a foot brace and change to a double blade paddle.

So my question is has any one tried anything like this or can recommend a good saddle for this situation.

thanks Jeremy


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If you are going to put in a permanent whitewater type saddle you probably don't need to install a thwart. Just glue the saddle down with waterproof contact cement.
from NRS
from Mike Yee
Also check out Mike's instalation demo
and Mohawks saddles

I just looked at the Solo 14 on the Mohawk sight.
A second thwart won't hurt but I'd be inclined to put it back behind the saddle like they do in the Oddesey. YMMV

Based on what you were going to use the boat for(class 1 & 2), and knowing the boat you’ll be using (Solo 14/I owned one), I really don’t understand the reasoning behind permanently mounting a saddle in that particular boat.

Before you go to the expense of buying a saddle, give this a try; lower the front of your web seat about an inch & a half, and install some nice thick knee pads. The seat will offer you some support when kneeling, the knee pads will be comfortable when you do kneel & finally, you’ll still have your seat to sit on when you want too. A saddle is ok for awhile, but the comfort level (for me at least) drops down real quick after a couple of hours.

An alternative to permanently mounting a saddle is to mount d-rings (2 on each side of saddle) and strap the saddle in place. Then if you don’t want to use it all the time, you can remove it & remount the web seat. A saddle that you glue into your boat will be a hassle to remove if you quickly find out you “really” didn’t want a saddle after all.

Bottom line; your boat, your option.


Can you post your pics and a link for purchase please?

Thanks guys for this thread. I too am interested in this.

Bob, your feet must be smaller than mine
I have trouble finding a seat height which is right for whitewater kneeling, flatwater paddling, and where I can get my big feet out from under easily.

My MR Guide, bought used, came with a Mohawk saddle stabilized by a thwart at the back edge of the saddle. This particular saddle has a wide portion which makes a good seat, and the previous owner had the boat set up for both kneeling, and sitting, with thigh pads and foot blocks for sitting. This arrangement might work for some folks. I made a similar saddle from scratch long ago, and found it nice for sitting, though I tend to revert to kneeling.

One hidden requirement for success paddling in a sitting position is flexibility. The muscles up and down the back of the legs have to be flexible, so that the trunk can move easily at the hips and so that one can lean forward a little without effort. If I am kayaking regularly, this is no problem, but if I have been paddling c-1 and open, kneeling in WW, my hamstrings and calf muscles tend to get too tight for paddling in a sitting positon.

Big feet…

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Big feet; I got em......size 13.
Most of my boats have the seat about as high as they'll go due to my feet size; all have the forward edge of the seat lowered. The only one I have any real concern about foot clearance is my Dagger Sojourn. I probably spend 75% of my time in a kneeling position; more for comfort than for stability. Not much concerned about stability in anything below class 3, and when I hit class 3 I am riding a saddle, in my Mohawk Probe. Never found a saddle yet that I was comfortable sitting on(in a sitting position/not kneeling)for more than a few minute.
If the guy asking for advice lowers his seat for kneeling & puts in a pair of knee pads, what is he out? Maybe 15 bucks for the pads & adhesive. What is he out if he buys & glues down a saddle? 60 to 70 bucks, and a PITA if he doesn't like it. If he doesn't like the seat/knee pad option its a quick fix; he can just remove the seat, leave the knee pads in the boat, and then give the saddle a go.
His boat; his option.........


adj. web seat.
I have tried different thing’s with the seat,but none to my liking.I had a mohawk saddle in a ww canoe, the only thing I didnt like about it was it had a brace on each end of it. I would put my legs over it sometimes ,but it wasnt to comfortable. If I was planning on keeping it I might had took the brace out.Most of the places I paddle is flat and slow moving, but there is always a few places that are tricky were I like to get low in the boat with my legs braced against the sides.Basicaly I like to swap up from sitting to kneeling and I just didnt feel comfortable with my feet jammed up against and under the web seat.

thanks for the suggetions