Solo Canoe

I have a kayak, WS T-165 kevlar.

I live near many water sources, lakes, and the CT River.

I’m looking for something( a canoe?) to bash around in that will get along with the many rocky shores,paddling areas, and launch sites.

I don’t want another roto kayak, too much time with the upside down in the sun routine to take out the dents from the roof rack

Been there, that’s why I went to composite…

Does Royalex do this?

I’m 5’10" 160 in the skin-retired!

The Wenonah Vagabond looks interesting.

My last canoe was a MR Explorer, Royalex.

I want something lighter, and a little smaller, that’s why I was looking at the Vagabond.

I will appreciate any suggestions!



Small solos

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The Bell Wildfire/Yellowstone Solo is a popular poking-around boat among the folks here, as are the Mohawk solos. At your weight you certainly don't need one of the big tripping solos for day use.

If you have the bucks
For light weight, nice looking well built boat. You might look at Hemlock Nesmuck or Nesmuck XL. They weigh in at less than 30lbs and sure look nice. I am too large for either of them, but someone of your size, I think they would fit the bill nicely.

Look at
the Wildfire and possibly the Merlin II for kicking around.

I have a vagabond in tuff weave. I use it regularly on rivers and lakes. The tuff weave is like 45 pounds or so but it comes with a foot brace that is awsome for paddling flat water. Royalex is better for mostly river use but it is not as good for flat water. You can get them in kevlar really light but I would not take one of those on the river. The bell canoe mentioned has more rocker so it turns easier but from what I understand the vagabond is a faster canoe. Pluss the Bell is more expensive. Basically, if I were only running rivers and very rarely on flat water I would get a rx bell. For split duty I made the call for a Vagabond. Sloid flat water I would go a bit longer to a prism or magic. The merlin 2 may deserve some looking as well. I really do not know about the other canoes mentioned. Good Luck.

My Vagabond is a joy…
…and works just fine on flat water. Royalex rules!