Solo Canoe???

 Shopping for a couple solo canoes primarily for river running w/ light whitewater(C1&2)lot of flatwater between rapids so play boat won't work. Heard Mohawk Odysey 14 is an awesome choice. I'm in NE Ohio (30 mi W of Cleve) Anybody got good input on this boat or maybe even got one for sale ???<br />

Ps. Don’t forget the Vermilion River race coming up this weekend 4/3

Solo canoes
The Odysey has a pretty good rep as a down river boat. Others to consider are the Mad River Freedom Solo (formerly known as the Guide), the Bell Wildfire and whatever they call the roylex version of that these days and the Swift Osprey.

There are others but those listed would be on my short list.

Agree with Tommy…

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I agree with Tommy on the Mohawk Odyssey 14, Mad River Guide, and Bell Wildfire. Not only do I agree with him, but am proud to say I own & paddle all 3. Your proposed usage is just how I use those boats. All are suitable for day floats, or multiple overnights. All can handle class 1 & 2 easily; with a good paddler on board & proper flotation, you should be able to do some low level class 3. Any class 3 water I paddle is done in my Mohawk Probe 12, a dedicated whitewater boat. In my opinion, of the 3 I have experience with, the Mad River Guide tops the list for "all round" boat.
I would love to own a Swift Osprey, but would never buy one I didn't have sitting in front of me, and a trip to New York is not high on my list of fun things to do this Spring.
Another boat you might check out is the Mohawk Solo 14.


P.S. Check out product reviews for additonal input from people who actually own & paddle the boats mentioned. When I read product reviews; I typically take all perfect boat 10s with a grain of salt, and ignore the lowest score given, especially if the words "boat is too tippy" are present.

Fun, fun boats!

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If you want the most fun go for a couple of FlashFires by Bell. They are the boat of choice for freestyle paddling; very lite, nice rocker, and very quick acceleration. Cliff Jacobson recommends them for solo paddlers on the Steel river trips which is class I-II. They are low volume and you will take on a bit of water in upper class II. The low volume is exactly what makes them so much fun!!!

Draw back? Can be a little wet and you can't carry very much gear so canoe camping is out unless you are a very light packer. I know of at least one 230# guy that trips in his in the BWCA for two weeks or more out of his.

Positives? More fun than should be allowed!!! So lite and small you can your gear and boat all in one carry.

The Yellowstone is a foot longer at 14', with higher sides, and more width; therefore more volume.
It will carry more and be dryer. I lived out of one for two weeks down the rapids of the Spanish. It was good and did a great job. It is the logical choice. Logic is not where the most fun is, but with either of these you will have good boats under you.

If you are going to look at Mohawks the Solo 13, Solo 14 or Odyssey 14 are all fun solos. I have only personally paddled the solo 14. It seemed to handle between the Bell FlashFire (13') and the Bell YellowStone (14"). I like the Mohawks as do a lot of my friends. There is a used solo Odyssey 14 in IN listed in the classifieds here on JJoven will tell you the truth and give you a square deal.

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We love our Odyssey 14s.
They’re a nice combination of stability and maneuverability. Not the quickest or the fastest or the lightest, but very forgiving and hauls a mucho grande load. I paddle sitting with a kayak paddle, my hubby paddles kneeling with a single blade.

We hope to get another type of solo boat each, but will keep our Mowhawks. The hubby thinks he would like a Guide. I’m not sure what I will buy next.

Temptation … Take a look at these!

Droooooooool …

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Mohawk Odd 14…
…and other random thoughts on some solo canoes:

I’ve heard good reports on the Odd 14, but have never personally paddled one. The Solo 14 is another good offering from Mohawk, (we have one). It’s light weight, reasonably priced and fairly durable (Royalite is tougher than many think). Though rather straight keeled this is still a highly maneuverable canoe that heels very well with rock solid secondary – good for both Freestyle and general use. It’s pretty slow though.

The Bell Flashfire as mentioned above is a fine small canoe and is also a favorite of smaller Freestyle paddlers. It is suitable for small people with little or no gear – a wilderness tripper for hobbits. The Wildfire is a far better choice for people of average size/weight. Bell’s Yellowstone Solo (which I own and frequently paddle) is a tough as nails hull that is quite capable for many river uses, but is also fairly small as a wilderness tripper. It paddles well with an average sized paddler with moderate gear – but becomes down right sluggish with a hefty load.

The MR Guide (now Freedom Solo 14 or some such) is a well respected hull design and might be your best choice – if boat weight is not an issue. There have been many comments over the last couple of years regarding MR’s downward spiraling quality… Maybe an older used Guide?

Not mentioned so far is Nova Craft’s Supernova. This is similar in design (and weight) to the MR Guide – but NC’s quality seems to remain high.

Just some thoughts… Randall

new Hornbeck canoes
Peter Hornbeck has greatly expanded the number of designs he now offers. Looks like he has a model or two to compete with the new Placid Rapidfire.

The new 14’ model is intriguing – cruise with a double-bladed paddle while sitting in the bottom of the hull, or maneuver in tight spots while kneeling with a single-blade.

you should have
never showed me that link to Placidboatworks! Ignorance is bliss…that rapidfire solo is very appealing…

Mick Wood is GUILTY!!!
of putting ideas in people’s head on more than one occassion. Rat! ;p

Solo Canoes
the Bob, Since you paddle all three sounds like your input could be most valuable . We have not paddled any solo boats…We just started solo last summer in our Old T Penobscot 16 & Camper 16.I’ve been following up on all the boats suggested & the specs all seem similar to the Odesy14 except the prices 2x??? Is there really that much differance ??? E

Who? Little 'O me? Devil made me do it!

And I’m stick’n to that story!

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Your ship may have come in
check the pnet classifieds. There’s a new used Odyssey 14 not all that far from you.

Jacobson is a little guy, so a Flashfire
can carry his bacon. At nearly 220#, I would need a Wildfire or Yellowstone, but am better off in my MR Guide as long as I survive the first uphill portage on the Steel River Loop.

Also, speaking as a WW paddler, I think a Wildfire would be a better class 1-2 boat than a Flashfire for all but the lightest paddlers. My MR Guide spins easier than my old 13’ MR Compatriot did, even though I had forced extra rocker into the Compatriot. A larger hull sits lighter on the water, and is often easier to control in rapids, other things being equal.