Solo canoes - performance

I’m planning to race the Yukon River Quest this summer in the solo canoe category. It’s not my first time competing in this race, but it will be my first time racing solo canoe.

The specs for solo canoes have changed this year and I’m having difficulties finding a boat to race with.

Any ideas on the performance difference between the following boats over very long distances? A 1% slower boat speed translates in 1/2 hour time difference, so having a fast boat is imperative.

  • Landick II
  • Kruger Sea Wind
  • Wenonah Voyager
  • Other???

    From what I understand the Landick II may be the best bet for this race (if someone has one for sale let me know), but I’d like to hear other opinions on this.

    Race specs:

    “The solo canoe (C1) class allows a range of vessels from half-decked Kruger-style touring and

    wilderness tripping canoes to performance touring canoes. Each canoe must start the race with an

    approved, full coverage spray skirt/deck. Canoes in the solo class may have a rudder. Solo Canoes

    must be paddled with the use of single blade paddles only. Solo Canoe Maximum 4” waterline length-width ratio: 9.5 The canoe must flare to the 6” waterline for at least 2 meters (6’6”) in length.”


I wouldn’t
rule out the Encounter from wenonah. You are going in big water and it might be more forgiving then the voyager. I am not familiar with the Landick though…

Advantage or Magic?
what about at Wenonah Advantage or a Bell Magic? I don’t know anything about it…but I’m racing a Magic in the MO340 this summer.

Solo Racer Contact
Contact Joe Evans. He has raced it several times. The 2 boats he has used in the solo class are the Kruger Sea Wind and The Clipper Sea 1. He said the Clipper Sea 1 is faster. I own a Clipper Sea 1 myself. Read my review here: