Solo Canoes similar to Wenonah Wee Lassie?

I paddle a perception dancer kayak (10’ 6" with Styrofoam packing) and it fits all of my gear for 4 night/5-day trips. Gear is around 50lbs and I weigh 145 and am short 5’2".

I typically paddle rivers w/ good water levels and small riffles/rapids (nothing over a larger II). 15-20 mile days. Example rivers are James River, Shenandoah, Susquehanna, Allegheny, Monongahela. Sometimes I’ll drag/scrape a rock if we hit super shallow areas but I won’t take the boat straight into a rock in a rapid and I have no issues keeping my kayak going straight even though it’s built to spin the minute you stop moving.

Over the past two years I’ve found myself preferring the comfort of a canoe for a foot injury I have and also for ease of packing.

I’d like to get a solo canoe that’s under 12’ and is lightweight (<30lbs). Budget is around 2k.

I love the concept of the Wenonah Wee Lassie (10’ 6" version) but it doesn’t seem to be marketed toward what I’m doing and also at ~200 pounds of weight I’m concerned about waterline/performance. Does anyone use a Wee Lassie for similar trips and have feedback? Or, recommendations for alternative solo canoes?

Thanks in advance!

A little bit larger but what about the fusion. I just looked at one but it was in royalex, if it had been un kevlar I might have taken it home.

Ah, I didn’t consider it b/c it was a 13’ but it could be a good fit. I’ll see if I can accommodate a 13’ boat in the basement and if so add that to the list. Thanks!

Have you looked at Placid Boat Works canoes?

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they are gorgeous! unfortunately a bit out of my price range, but I’ll do some research on that spitfire in case I find a used one somewhere. Thanks!

A 13 foot boat would be more appropriate for your size. The Wee Lassie in its original form is for very small light paddlers.
Several canoe makers have pack canoes like you are looking at.
Hornbeck Boats
Slipstream Canoes
Swift Canoe
Savage River Canoe
Placid Boatworks
Adirondack Canoe
I think Hemlocks canoe is the Wee Lassie size

They are all light weight and for a budget the Hornbeck probably fits best. I have a Placid Boatworks RapidFire ( the Spit Fire is the 13 foot version) but it needs to be regarded as a non budget boat. It is an investment and will last a very long time. Mine gets out on some rugged trips every year and it is 15 years old.
Do peruse any used boat classifieds for them . Sometimes used is the best way to go.

Excellent, thanks. This really gets me started/thinking past my hangup on the short length. Will look at those options as well.

I bought a Rapidfire from PBW when I couldn’t afford one. I called them and they had a demo they gave me a good price on.

Hemlocks are well made boats

Northstar makes one too

You could also consider a Northstar Firebird; it’s a hot little boat that’s superb on rivers and very efficient for cruising and you can get it with a low seat and footbrace. I highly recommend it. The Hemlock and Northstar boats are not delicate so they can handle bumping into rocks.

Placid Spitfire also seems like a superb choice for you.

Thanks! I’d forgotten about the ADK (had looked at it a bit ago)! And yes the Spitfire does seem to be a great option if I can find one on discount!

Meant to come and thank everyone…after a lot of research/etc. I ended up w/ a Northstar Firebird and LOVE it. Going to take some time to get used to, but already getting lots of use :smiley:

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