Solo Canoes

What solo canoes are in the same size weight category as the Mohawk Solo 13/14?

A few
Old Town Pack-12’-33lbs

Wenonah Sandpiper-13’-36lbs(soon to be no more)

Wenonah Vagabond-14’ 7"-42lbs

Bell Yellowstone-14’-38lbs?

Those are in Royalex like the Mohawks. There are composites that are in that catagory as well but the price rises considerably. Bell, Wenonah, Swift, Hemlock, Souris River, Clipper all spring to mind for lightweight composite solo canoes.

fron North west canoe shop. under 40 pounds and has nice capacity. Price in dollars is cheaper then the Mohawk, but you do have to invest some sweat equity…

Baldpaddler, what do you mean by sweat equity? That it will be a slower boat and thus more work to paddle?

faster then the Mohawks
The sweat Equity I mentioned is the effort it takes to rip the wood, and build the boat. Plans, materials should come in under $300(US). It was a fun project for the winter, and in the spring, well actually three days after Christmas I had a New wood strip boat! In Citezen races I have beaten O/T Penobscot tandems and a bunch of longer boats then My Merlin. She has a shallow arch hull so she seems a little more tender then the Mohawk, but she has not been flipped by the boat wakes on Lake Norman Where the wakes can get pretty confusing and severe with Bass boats and Cigarette boats going helter skelter. All you really need is a garage and a wife who doesn’t labor under the absurd impression that cars go into garages…

As for slicing the wood we all have friends who have table saws, borrow one for an afternoon. Any other questions feel free to call me. My friend canunut helped me with mine as did KurtLuop

You must have built your canoe some time ago. I doubt if you can buy the fiberglass and epoxy for much under $300. Prices have skyrocketed since the Iraq war. Furthermore, wood prices have increased as well.

I haven’t priced things out, but I think even with using scrap wood for forms and strongback you’d be lucky to get by with $500 out of pocket.

solo canoe
Try,they have a ten footer made of royalite at 35lbs around 450-500 dollars.

Also try a scott lil canoe,i have one thats made of fiberglass at 40-45 lbs,12’ long and can carry two people.

Mea Culpa
I saved a bunch of money on wood by buy the culls from canunuts project at the time, about 100 bucks. The epoxy and glass was stuff canunut did not care for so I got it cheap. Still a fine paddling boat, not a masterpiece by anymeans though!

Any wood core boat built…
by hand and paddles great is indeed a masterpiece.

Congratulations sir!