Solo Canoes??

I’ve been away from the-latest-n-greatest in canoes for about 5 years. I am considering a solo canoe hoping that retailers will be offering sales soon. So what makes/models should I be looking at?

I currently have an OT Disco 160… its a family rig for sure. I just want something for myself and maybe one of the youngest children, for fishing and just paddling.

Thanks in advance.

Need some info
to make meaningful suggestions. Height, weight, budget, type of water you will paddle most often, etc. Since you have a Disco I assume weight is not an issue for you, but if so, how much are you comfortable lifting/portaging? Check the classified ads here also as you can get a much better boat for less money if you buy used. Plus that solo fever might infect you and you may decide you need more than one boat…

couple ideas to start
If you’re on a royalex budget, Bell Yellowstone 14. If you can afford to buy a composite, Placid Boatworks Wildfire 14, or better, Flashfire 13 if you’re not too big for it.

This is on the short end, assuming you want a well-rounded boat. If all you care about is speed, Bell Merlin or longer.

current makers

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The makers of good quality canoes that are still in production include Wenonah, Hemlock, Placid Boatworks, Sawyer, Swift, Clipper, Mad River, Souris River, Old Town, Bell Canoe, Vermont Canoe and some other smaller makers I have surely forgotten. Mohawk no longer sells composite canoes but has some quite decent Royalex models.

There are many solo models available and its hard to make a specific recomendation without knowing your budget, intended usage, and experience. Asking what solo canoe should I buy is sort of like asking what sedan should I buy.

Look at what is available in the used market among the makers mentioned above and if you spot something, see if it might meet your needs.

mohawk solo 13
The Mohawk solo 13 is another classic boat in the short class, normally at the low end of the price range. I just saw where they are having a blemish sale between now and year-end, gearing up in mid-Oct, with $100-200 off blemished hulls (visual only, no performance issues), so this should make the solo 13 a solid bottom price for a new boat, almost comparable to used boats inthe class.

Get back tous with your rpice range and other parameters.

Asking what solo canoe should I buy is s
Camry or Accord. Any more easy questions?

Your size & intended use?
Unfortunately, there aren’t many low-priced solos. Don’t be afraid to look for a used boat.

In addition to the manufacturers already listed, Vermont canoe makes a couple of solos, and Grumman makes an aluminum solo.

another consideration
is your location…what makes can you get ahold of to try?

BTW if you are in the East, Raystown is a great place to try out solo boats.

There are a number of other gatherings that give you the same opportunity and usually something is for sale.