solo fishing canoe

I’m looking for recomendations on solo fishing canoes. It will be used for small-medium lakes. Super slow rivers and lots of fishing, It also needs to have a decent capacity as I am about 280. Also price is a big issue. It would be good if it was on the cheaper end of the scale, less than 800$ is ideal

I’d look at the WeNoNah “Fisherman” in Royalex. Should be able to find them at around $800 new, and though it comes set up as a tandem, it also works very well as a solo boat, particularly if you travel with a double-bladed kayak paddle in addition to your canoe paddle.

Most of the true solo canoes out there are going to be quite a bit narrower than a sport canoe, which makes them great for paddling, but less succesful for sport purposes. You could also take a look at a fishing kayak - there are any number (particularly from Wilderness Systems) that are in the $600-700 price range.

All these are solos that sell for less than $800 new that should wok for you:

Wenonah Vagabond (royalex) is a nice solo. With pretty good performance. I’d say the Mowhawk Solo 14 (royalex) is similar.

The Old Town Pack (royalex) and Linclon Hideaway (fiberglass) are similar design, too. They are less performance but perhaps better fishing platforms.

I don’t have any experience with the new Grumman 129 Solo, but I want to like it simply because it is an aluminum solo (the only one I know of).

Small Tandem
You might want to look at a smallish tandem to accomodate your size with plenty of reserve for gear plus maybe a little extra stability for the fishing as well.

A used boat may help you get into something in your price range. A Souris Quetico 16, or Bell Morningstar might be about right for you if you could locate one of those used and in your area.

I fish from my canoes all the time (Bell Northwind roylex, Swift Shearwater)and don’t feel like you should have to give up something that has fairly good paddling efficiency and seaworthyness for fishing out of.

You could put a center seat in about any of the smaller tandems and be very comfortable.

A Mowhawk Oddessy 14 is supposed to be a higher volume solo with good initial stability and might make a good fishing solo for ya.

Just my 2 cents. Have fun looking.