Solo fishing kayak with 6 year old?

Long time lurker, first time poster. You have a great community here!

Quick question. We are in the market for a couple SOT fishing kayaks. We decided that my 6 year old daughter would be riding with me and my wife will ride solo. My wife decided on the Crescent CK1 and I am looking hard at the Nucanoe Unlimited. I figure with an extra 360 seat on the Unlimited that my daughter and I would be able to get around.

I am a rather big guy at 6’4" 275lbs and the weight rating on the Unlimited would be perfect for us plus our gear. I am undecided if I want to add the Pivot drive or a trolling motor but will be adding one or the other in the future.

My question is , are there any other options out there for a solo kayak that I can look at that has the option of adding an extra seat for a child? Any recommendations would be greatly appreciated.

Thank you in advance!

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Ever consider a canoe. I have an Old Town Guide 147 and it would be perfect for a big guy and a kid and all the gear for the family fishing outing.


I’m going to echo the recommendation for a canoe.

I raised 2 children in mine, and now have a grandson who has been in it as well. The Nucanoe Unlimited is small for two people plus gear. Remember being 6? It is very hard to sit still. I’d think a canoe would be safer, too. Gear (fish hooks) out of reach. Less likely that there’d be a tumble-out. More room for snacks. The kayak would be tippier, too.

Safety first. You want something that a child will feel that they’re taking part in, participating, and not just along for the ride. A canoe fits that bill, too.

I just don’t think I’d add a kiddie seat to a solo kayak.