Solo kayaking

Just got done sharing about solo kayaking in another forum. After writing some things that might be helpful as I kayaked the Inside passage solo in 2001 and it was a beautiful experience.The advantages and risk of being alone were far worth it to me. No disatractions it can become kinda like a spiritual quest. Going solo is a total gift from God. Companion ship has its blessings but one on one time with the creator of the universe cannot be beat. I had a blast and hope to go solo across the united states some day. Peace

I am one of the lucky ones that has
a companion, (wife, mistress and best friend) to share the experience with, but just by reading your post I would be doing the same thing as you if I didn’t.

Thanks for your post.

It is obvious that you appreciate the wonders that The Creator has given us.



Solo kayaking
I couldn’t agree more. I believe that’s why I enjoy kayaking so much.