solo loader

I once bought a canoe solo oader but it didn’t work. I need help loading my Campermodel Old Town.

I notice that Cabela’s has one but I am afraid of getting burned again. Anyone know about a good solo loader? I already have a good rack system.


Tell us what rack system you are
using. Yakima and Thule both have solo loader attachments, not just one approach, but from-the-side extension bars and also, I believe, ways to slide the canoe on from behind the vehicle.

You might also tell us what went wrong with your previous solo loader. It might predict what kinds of alternatives are needed.

solo loading
Also what kind of vehicle.

Here’s what I did
I have a full size ford van and it is a bit high up to get the 17’ grumman on top. I have a rack that is made out of electical conduit so it is hollow. I put axe handle in one of the cross bar holes that so that it stuck out the side. I then hoisted the canoe overhead and put the heavier end on this axe handle, then slid the other end on the remaining cross bar. Once the canoe was fully on I then slid the other end on that cross bar. if you have round cross bars go to the local hardware store with the outer diameter and get a piece of conduit or some type of pipe that is strong enough to support half of your canoe. slide the pipe over the bar and vuola you an extention. If you dont have round cross bars you will have to come up with another method for extending the roof rack. The support bar doesnt need to be the exact level that the roof rack is. It can be higher so that you can attach it to the bar and then slide the canoe off from it to position it.

Canoe loading
I have an Old Town Camper and a camper shell mounted rack on my Ranger. I walk up beside the truck with the canoe on the portage yoke on my shoulders. Drop the bow down and turn so the stern is over the rear rack. I lift the bow up and slide canoe onto front rack, tie everything off and I’m ready to go.