solo paddling 2 man kayak

How easy or tough is it to paddle a 2 man sit in kayak solo, I currently have a 1 man, but am looking at swapping up to a 2 man to take the kids along, or fishing buddies, but sometime will be taking it out solo.

Osprey triple
You could consider building a Pygmy Osprey triple.

The center cockpit can be used for paddling the boat solo, or for a dog or smallish child when the boat is paddled by two others.

The Old Town

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Loon 138T paddles beautifully solo by sliding the forward seat back to center. The aft seat folds down for gear, etc., plus there's room forward and aft of the seating. Old Town no longet makes the 138T, but I understand they continue to make the 160T, which has the same features and even more room.

Weight is the only issue - Triple poly-link gets heavy in a larger boat, so you will have to work around that while its off the water.

Pblanc's suggestion is also a good one. If you want room for more than one kid at a time, the Osprey Triple will hold them PLUS gear, and it is comparatively much lighter than anything in its size range. Google the Pygmy Boats Osprey Triple for some interesting online stories involving this boat.

depends on the boat
Most twin cockpit tandem kayaks are impossible unless it’s dead calm solo. Some long single cockpit tandems are fair, but way too much boat for a solo.

Bill H.

We have 2 tandems
A Necky Manitou II and a Dagger Blackwater II. We put 2 kids and an adult in each and the kids NEVER paddle so it is like paddling solo all the time. I generally paddle an 11’ Necky Manitou Sport and it is harder to paddle either of these solo than my sport. -Karen