Solo Paddling the NFCT

I was wondering if there is some way to section paddle the Northern Forest Canoe Trail. Basically is there some way of getting back to my car after being out for about 3 or 4 days. How is this normally done. Are there people that are willing to shuttle me and my kayak for a reasonable price.



you may want to budy up with someone
that want to do sections like myself. i would share shuttle with my car and do the section too. it would be the most cost effective way to do it. anything east of the connecticut river I’m game. I’m sure other in other areas would do the same.

At least some of it mabe all?
When we did section 6 in Vt, Clyde River Recreation did our shuttles. We found them on the NFCT website.

On section 11 in Maine we used Chesuncook House, found them on the NFCT website as well.

So yes you can hire shuttles at least for some parts of the NFCT. Look at the Trip Planner on their website.

I’ve done several sections and used several different types of shuttles. The NFCT headquarters can be very helpful if you have questions about a specific trip you are interested in. My big wish is to do a section in Maine and then get a float plane ride back to my car. I would be really cool to look at the water you just paddled, we almost did this in Jackman but the weather was bad.

In the Adirondacks there are lots of shuttle services available, I’ve used Mountainman Outfitters in Old Forge and St Regis Outfitters in Saranac. They can be expensive but are very reliable and knowledgeable about the trail.

When I paddled from Plattsburg to Swanton I used the Swanton Motel, they are very helpful especially if you spend a night with them. When we did the Enosburg Falls to Swanton section of the Missiquoi we used Scotties Taxi. I think it was twenty-five bucks with a tip, a great deal. The Clyde river section has Clyde River Recreation.

One technique I have used successfully is to stay in a motel the night before I start. When I make the reservation I ask the owner if they or someone they know would be willing to give me a ride(for a fee). This has always worked. I usually make sure that they only have to drive me and not all my gear. I think you will find that local establishments are very willing to help you out, more so than a big chain. I have used this plan twice on the CT River and Upper Ammonoosuc river sections.

Eastern Maine can be a problem; fortunately I have relatives in the area. There must be someone in the Rangeley that would do a shuttle for the lakes. On the Allagash there are plenty of shuttle services, shop around for the best price, Pelletier’s and Allagash Guide service seem to be the most reasonable and are both reliable.

Section Paddle NFCT
Yes, there are shuttle services along the Northern Forest Canoe Trail! For a list, go to NFCT’s home page and click on the interactive map for your section. Go to “View Business and Services” and scroll down to Shuttles. Have fun on the Trail!

or save money and buddie up
i think spending money to canoe is like paying ransom. anytime i can skirt using an outfitter or guide is like making money. i know they need to make a living but some of us are barely paying the bills so self help is a staple. don’t get me wrong i’ll spend several hundred on shuttles and portage this season. already spent a couple hundred getting to baker lake o the st.john.

Thanks for all the info!!

fwiw…there are quite a few ponds that

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can produce loops for canoeists to paddle & portage here & there.... Think it might be worth a shot to maybe look over the DeLorme state Atlas/Gazateer.


Shuttles in Maine
Susan from the Stratton Motel provides shuttle services between Errol and the Flagstaff Lake area. Will even pick you up at the airport in Bangor. All for a fee, but still. Some options.