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There’s enough polers on the Paddlers
Place Discussion Forum that you might want to announce there. Poling doesn’t have anything more to do with wilderness canoe travel than paddling.

Maybe not but…
I wouldn’t wilderness camp in Florida without my canoe pole. Whether out on the fishing flats or going up a shallow spring-fed narrow creek with a lot of tight turns the benefits of using a pole far outweigh using a paddle to do the job. So what’s the problem with discussing it here?

no problem
none that I can think of.

What’s your problem with polers posting here? You think Brett isn’t pulling his weight as moderator so you decided to step in?

I was attempting to find an audience for

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the OP.

If a poler bonks in the wilderness, will anyone hear him?

I've never taken my pole to FL, and I've not missed it. But I'm sure you have great poling technique on sand.

And, if you find me annoying, complain to Brent. He's never said one word to me. Please, complain.

And, I think the very slow response to this thread is evidence that my advice was both polite and correct. Most polers are in the Discussion Forum.