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14 years ago I bought a solo portage strap that is just great. Now I cannot find it anywhere on the internet. One place back east had something that sounded like it on their web site but actually no longer has them. The tag on it says Grade VI, Avant Equipage, Urbana, Il 61801. Searched the internet for that as well. It’s nylon/canvas, padded with two straps that go around the canoe. The back is rear is straight and the front forms a slight V to fit the shoulders. It portages softly on the shoulders and absorbs the bumps. Last year I compared to a regular portage yoke on the same canoe, my old shoulders don’t want to go back to the old way. Anyone know of these? Thanks!

Ah’ recollects dem

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had one an' gave it away many years ago. Ah' haven't seen them since. Didn't work very well.


I think Placid Boat Works has something similar to what you are describing. If I’m not mistaken, Charlie Wilson, who is now one of the folks who owns and runs Placid, started Grade VI, so it wouldn’t be too surprising if he was using something similar where he’s at now.

Here’s a link to Placid’s

I have a carry strap I got from Mohawk Canoe.


Placid BoatWorks “Fabric Portage Yoke"

If for some reason the above like does not work do this. The yoke is a bit hidden on the Placid site. Go to the home page, , scroll down a little, and click on “2007 price list” in page center. Scroll down to asseccories and click on “Lightweight Fabric Carry Yoke”. Strap goes by both names.

I asked Placid for some data on their strap. It was designed and made for light solo tumblehomed canoes (and probably kayaks ;^) It is about 80” long if memory serves, NOT for tandems. If was designed and made for the 20# to 25# pack canoes they make and sell. They doubted it would hold up to a 50# or greater load. Actual max supported weight is not known. The strap itself is very compact and easy to store at about 9oz.



The replies I got has given me a line on where to get what I was looking for. I had almost given up.

Thanks for the great info.!

Cabelas have one
Cabela’s has a kayak carry strap. The reviews, however, are not very positive.


history of portage strap
Grade VI out of Urbana, Ill. was a canoe accessory company that was the child of CE Wilson, who regularly posts here on P-net. Wilson eventually went on to help found Bell Canoeworks, and now Lake Placid Canoes. This is probably why these straps can be found at L. P. Canoe website.

I for one miss Grade VI. Talk about bomb proof gear, that worked! Among other things they offered tie down straps that would hold a Mac Truck.