Solo Portage Yoke Advice Needed........

with the summer season coming into full swing it’s time to venture further into the backcountry with my WildFire than my paddleboy can go. Looking at the Bell clamp-on yoke with CVCA pads. Anyone use this setup? Other options worth pursuing?

Thanks in advance-


Bell Clamp On Yoke
I use a Bell clamp on yoke and really like it. I use it on a MR Eclipse that I added a solo seat to.

The pads that came with it are the standard foam blocks covered in cordura. They are just fine for the (aprox.) 60 pound boat. I think the pads you are talking about are the sling style? If that is them they are nice too (I have those on my other yokes).

I did have a problem with the yoke when I first got it. The plastic “wing nuts” used to tighten the clamps have a threaded knurled deal in them that threads into the post, that goes through the yoke and ends on the metal clamps. When I tightened the clamps too much the knurled deal pulled out of the plastic “wing nut”. The solution was simply to put a washer under the “wing nut”.


Good choice!