Solo Portage Yoke

Just received a custom yoke from Chosen Valley Canoe Accessories. Next week I head for the BW with my Bell Magic. I had no time to cobb something together so I contacted Kevin (Raggamuffin) and he built a terrific removable yoke. The quality and workmanship are only exceeded by the clever design. All the adjustment needed and a very quick and easy method for attachment and removal-no thumb screws.

I’ll let Kevin post pics if he wishes. All I can say is SUPPORT this entrepreneur if you need accessories, you won’t be disappointed!

Thanks Kevin


How do we get in touch with him?

Sorry, here’s email

I agree!
I too dealings with Chosen Valley last year and was amazed at the service I received. These folks make a high quality product (they also make the Wenonah solo yokes) and are exceptional people to deal with. It’s basically a family operation who treat you with the highest standards.

I have spoken with other paddlers who have similar feelings that business just don’t get any better than this.