solo seating options again (sorry)

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I’m going with either a kneeling thwart or a “half seat” as a solo option in a tandem canoe. I’ve seen the half seat or mini seat or whatever you call it before, but I can’t remember where, and I can’t find any for sale.

Does such a seat exist or did I just dream it? If my memory serves me, Instead of being 40x12 inches it would be 40x6 inches or so… made of ash or whatever and cane.

make sure it is a wide seat
Depending on the center width of your canoe, you need to make sure that the seat will reach from one gunnel to the other at the position you intend to mount it.

Also, when mounting a seat for solo paddling near the center of a canoe designed primarily as a tandem, it helps to have the seating surface wide enough to that you can be close enough to the gunnel to get your paddle out over the water for an efficient vertical stroke.

You might try googling Essex Industries, and take a look at what they have to offer.

Bell Canoe sells an extra wide center seat as well as a kneeling thwart kit that includes angled spacers to hang it from your gunnels.

Wenonah Canoe sells a removable, drop in center seat for paddling a tandem solo.

One can acquire custom quality from Loon Works, 864.296.6051 or Dog Paddle Design, 585.6985773.

For Production units, try Ed’s Canoe parts, 801.526.6258 or Essex Industries, 518.942.6671.

Morningstar RX
I got the Bell kneeling thwart kit to replace the stock rear thwart. Good upgrade, but the boat trims stern-low with no load. Works great for stable dog transport. You might be able to just get the drops and make a longer/wider version for the center.

I’ve made several “thweets” a cross between a seat and a thwart. Typically they are 5-6" deep with the width tailored to the boat. I always weave synthetic “cane” as it looks fairly natural, is strong and maintenance free. Frames can be of any hardwood desired. You may have seen one or more of them at Raystown, WPASCR or elsewhere.

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