solo trip questions...

Has anyone ever traveld form Kawishiwi Lake, through Koma, Malberg and up to Pan? I am going walleye fishing there this spring. Interested in portage info, fishing info, etc. May also head west tword Lake Alice and the pictographs on Kawishiwi River. I would apreciate any info you all may have.


a couple of trips
I’ve done a couple of trips into that area. I don’t recall the portages being that bad.

Lake Alice and the pictographs are worth the side trip. Definitely, try and work them in.

Here’s a trip report:

Three of us in solo boats
Last fall we entered Kawishiwi Lake through Square lake and onto Malberg. Spent two nights on Malberg (great beach site) then ment thru Polly to Adams. We were not targeting Walleye but picked up a few on Malberg. Adams was a great place, stayed on the only island site and it was terrific. We fished Adams hard and caught a bunch of smallies (some good size) and the rest were Pike.

This same group has been to Alice a couple of times and again got into some numbers and size Pike.

Portages to Malberg are all fairly easy, we even “floated” one by walking the boat. No big climbs or difficult landings through that portion.

Koma lake was a stop on our way out, there is a nice site on a penninsula that sprawls a bit.

Good Luck and have fun.

Alice Lake
My error; it is Alice Lake with the great sand beaches. Thomas is north of there across a long portage. It’s a very nice lake on its own terms.

Imagine if you will: it’s nearly midnight and there’s a line of middle-aged guys, standing in underwear (and worse!)on the beach at Alice. They’re gazing slack-jawed at the huge northern lights show. That’s what Alice is all about.


Thanks Steve
Well it is 10 below today, tomorrow it will be like 25 below. We have over 110 inches of snow with more on the way. Just the thought of a trip with sand beaches, good fishing, possibliltiy of norhtern lights and the likely hood of being able to stand around in my undies without freezing to death is very appealing. I am very excited to get going!!

I stood around in not much tonight
whats your problem?

Lunar eclipse and hot tub. Dont need much more.

You are still behind in snow. try harder