Solo tripping canoe advice

Hi. I am looking to buy a solo tripping canoe. Used is fine; the price of new may be prohibitive. So, older models are okay. I had been considering the Mad River Independence, but they’re tough to find. Any suggestions out there? I weigh 175#. Not a pack boat. 15 feet or so. I will be using it in the Adirondacks, mostly flatwater but some moving. Not scared off by a little weight (I was brought up in wood/canvas boats), though light weight is certainly fine if not too pricey! Wood trim would be a nice touch,though not necessary. Any thoughts?

Hemlock Peregrine
Curtis Nomad

Bell Merlin II( one in the classifieds)

MR Indy(one in the classifieds)

Placid Rapid Fire set up for kneeling (its not solely a double blade canoe)

Several Wenonah’s including the Argosy

Bell Yellowstone Solo

Colden DragonFly

You don’t say where you are. There are events with solo canoes but if you are not in the East…they won’t help.

I expect you are looking at used carbon/kevlar or kevlar/glass