soloing a canoe Canadian style

Does an Old Town Penobscot 16’ Royalex make a very good boat for paddling Canadian style? By Canadian I mean in the style of Bill and Becky Mason - all strokes on the same side using a single blade paddle. I’m wondering if it has enough rocker for turning. Anyone ever tried the OT Appalachian for Canadian paddling? Thanks for any and all response.

I do all strokes on the left side using
a single blade, but it’s no longer Canadian style. My stroke is shorter, and I don’t J or rudder much.

I’ve paddled the Penobscot 16 Canadian style and thought it was an excellent choice for that type of paddling.

both are fine
when the boat is on its side, “rocker” has a new meaning.

I have paddled a couple of Wenonahs (Odyssey and MN II ) that were very good CS boats too. Heeled over the stems are not even in the water so your standard rocker does not count. Air rocker?

Penobscot 16
I paddled a P-16 in the heeled over style for about 15 years. A Nova Craft PAL would also be a great boat for that style paddling.

Canadian style refers
to how one sits in a canoe – kneeling behind the bow seat facing the stern. The boat is heeled with the paddler sitting adjacent or close to the gunwale. Any length paddle can be used. A good paddler doesn’t often use his paddle as a rudder. This applies to any paddling style.

purists snuggle up to the center
thwart to put themselves at the pivot point.

Actually Grummans (even with that darn keel) are fine for CS solo.

But a wooden boat feels so much sweeter.

I really wish we could bring the Lakewater curriculum into the ACA.

I urge all who are interested to take the time to delve into this website.

Good ones
Yup on the Penobscot. All “classic” designs work well. I have tried it in race boats, and this is less good (but still fun). The Canyon/Starburst has so little curve, I found it didn’t solo well. Also, some boats with radical cross-section shape don’t heel well. Put simply, if the design looks like something that could be shaped out of bent cedar, it will probably solo well.