Solstice GT Rudder Bracket Repair

I have an old fiberglass CD Solstice GT.
The rudder bracket needs replacing. Looks like the plastic part of the bracket cracked.

Any idea a good place to get a replacement bracket, just the plastic part?

Let me guess…that screw sits in a radius slot and holds the rudder on the boats. I see why it broke.

If it were me I’d make a new one out of aluminum. But not everyone has those tools. Note Paddledog52 just bought a GT for repair and might have sources.

This might be the part, but it’s not cheap:

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That does look about right. Bolt pattern and cord location match. He’d have to match measurements.

Pricey… I’d look at the whole rudder assembly and weigh wether to replace the whole thing for that kind of money?

Whole rudder assembly is 300 plus shipping probably near 20 plus tax. :flushed: It’s a pretty involved piece to make that’s why it’s not cheap and near 100. My guess is it’s Delrin .

Good to know they have that part.

True, but part of my point. It would be smart to check everything else out also. If anything else appears as weathered, possibly brittle, as the broke piece does they may be on the hunt for other hard to find expensive pieces. As you’re aware, rudder pieces are not easy to find. Not everyone can make something to fit.

Redboat65 - You haven’t said if you’re handy with tools at all, but I think making a part wouldn’t be that hard. The flange on the bottom just holds the ridder in place, and the little wings control how far the rudder can turn. The flange isn’t under huge loads. So, I’d make the part in two pieces - flat flange and center block. The two can be screwed together from underneath. Based on what I read on Topkayaker, the center block is 5/8" thick so you should be able to get a small aluminum or Delrin sheet in that thickness. The thickness of the bottom flange doesn’t look super-critical so maybe 1/8" or 3/16’ sheet would do. To me, the trickiest thing would be drilling the hole for the rudder pin and getting it nice and square unless you have access to a drill press. Small quantities of materials aren’t cheap for consumers to buy, but you’d still come out well under the price of the new piece if you don’t mind doing the work.

Not worth the trouble and it will never be made right unless you have a machine shop. It is a precision piece of machining.

Thanks for the replys. Gives me some direction. As kayaking season is coming to a close this will be a winter project. I’ll try to make something, likely give up and buy something.

Thanks again!

Cheers and Fair Winds