Some advice on a trip?

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Hey, me and my dad like to go on a Canoe trip every once and a while, and I was just wanting to know some information.

We're looking for a river that offers a medium range of rapids. We would like to set up camp along the river, transport the canoes up river and canoe back to the camp site. (About a 6 - 10 hour range)

Where is the best place to go in the East TN area for a such a trip? Also when is the best time to go when the water levels are at an optimum. We heard good things about the Nolichucky that a good choice?


If you are talking about the portion
of the “Chucky” that is on the NC line; don’t do it unless you are a big time WW paddler.

there are some class IV rapids there.



Any suggestions as to what river we should try, then?

Look into the Cumberland- Big South Fork… When the water is right it can be calss II’s and some III’s. You can also look at the Clear Fork, also a tributary of th Cumberland

Library Books
I get library books that detail trips, rapids, etc. They don’t always cover where you want to go.


try finding outfitters that rent and/or sell canoes in your area. Also try a google search for paddling clubs. You need local, timely advice from those who paddle your neck of the woods. Rivers change constantly, seek current information before you go.


How far are you from the NC portion …
of the New River?

That is a great river for canoe camping.

It might be a little too mild for you though, since it is mostly class one with a few mild class II’s.

Start in Jefferson and there are several different canoe in state park campgrounds that would offer several days of good paddling.



Not the class 3 section. Even the part
from Leatherwood to Blue Heron could be problematic. People who are new to the sport should not be in the BSF gorge.

You could camp on the Hiwassee, at
Reliance or at Gee Creek, and canoe down from the powerhouse.

There is a section of the Nolichucky below where it exits from the Gorge, where the rapids are easy, but I don’t know about camping at the end. The same question would apply to the relatively easy sections of the French Broad below Hot Springs. If you could camp at or near Hot Springs and arrange shuttle back up from a take out, that might be a good option.