Some beautiful kayak pics by Ted Henry





Thank you

Very nice, thank you. N/M

Sponsored by Pygmy Boats?
Very nice.

re: Ted Henry
I have never met Ted, nor have any affiliatin with him at all. I ‘know’ of him from reading the site, and also know he is great photographer. He takes photos every year at an annual paddling event sponsored by Joe Greenley ( btw…for those who haven’t visited Joe’ site…take a look. He designs and builds magnificent boats. I am currently deciding on the next boat to build, and am now leaning strongly toward his King.



"scuse me for drooling
The blue of the water…The gravel bars, the one shot which looked like a Georgia O’Keef, the shot at dusk…and all dem wood boats!

Was this taken at the symposium on Vancouver?

Whoever took the photos had a good eye.

Thanks for sharing!!

I’ve seen a few of Ted’s photos, but hadn’t seen that assortment. It’s truly amazing what some folks can do with a camera.

canyon shot
looks like shotover canyon in Queenstown, NZ. Correct, or no?