Some canoe advice - selling and buying

So currently I have:

Mohawk 16’6 tandem

Mohawk 12’ sportsman solo fitted w/ bags

Wenonah Jenson C1W 1989

I love all the boats, but I’m thinking about narrowing down my options to two canoes. I want to keep all of these as they have been in my family a long time. I used the solo for my first solo overnighter when I was 9, and I’ve spent the most time in the tandem. AND the C1W seems to be a great boat, in near perfect condition, and pretty unique.

However, I’d like a combination of the C1W and the Sportsman, something like an Argosy,Yellowstone, or an Odyssey. Where I’m at now is mostly calm water, but I make a lot of mild rapid river trips.

I have a family of three right now, so a tandem and a solo would be the best fit I think. But, as my son gets older, the Mohawk solo would be a good learning boat for him.

What would you do? And what is your guess on what the Jenson is worth? It’s been garage kept, it’s kevlar, and I think it retailed for around $2500+


If it helps I’m 6’4" and 200lbs ish.

Add some more…

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Yer only got three canoos. Ah' think yer need a least 3 - 4 more ta have a complete an' fulfillin' life. ;>)

Canoos be like clamps... yer kin never have too many! (no matter wat de wife says)


make a decision …
They are your boats; you have paddled them all.

In all likelihood, no one has as much experience in this collection of boats as you do, so I think you’re the best person to make the decision – so just do it and get on with your life.

Additionally, based upon my experience I would question the sanity of a person who makes such a decision based upon the recommendations you’ll receive on this board!

But then again, maybe you just love attention.

One thought
I didn’t see the Sportsman on the Mohawk website, so I can’t say for sure, but every OTHER canoe I’ve seen with the word “sport” or “sportsman” in the name was a really wide tub of a flat-bottomed boat. If that’s true for yours, and if you want the youngster to have a chance to learn some “real” solo canoeing, that one would be a good boat to replace.

Of the boats you list as possible choices, any would be good. I have only “tried out” the Yellowstone, but I can say that it has a very lively feel. I can’t speak for the Argosy, but some have said it’s a nice river boat. I have the Odyssey 14, and it’s the favorite in my little fleet as an all-purpose boat, and it excels in light whitewater. I particularly like the fact that it’s symetrical with no differential rocker - a feature that isn’t so common anymore, but in my opinion that’s a feature that makes a maneuvering type of boat a lot more versatile (I don’t mind differential rocker on a boat used for more straight-line cruising).

That’s just my 2 cents, and worth every penny.

Don’t know
If this will help or hinder your choice. I have owned over 30 canoes in the last 50 years. Most have them in the last 25-30. Of all of them the ones I miss most are the two C1W’s I had. One was an early glass late 70’s and the second a 80’s kevlar one. I beat the snot out of the glass one learning to race it downriver but by the time I got the kevlar one I had picked up a skill or two and it stayed in pretty good shape. I sold it over 20 years ago and still kick myself daily. The glass one got backed into by a truck and suffered a n unglorifed demise.