Some good news on the plastic front.

So this may be a big help in the future of plastic recycling. China has stop the importation of plastics to be recycled from other countries not long ago. Most of the worlds waste plastic was shipped to China and very little was reprocessed here in our country and many other nations. As a result there have been large stockpiles of plastics accumulating at recycle centers around the world. Much of it has recently been going to landfills here and abroad. This new discovery should have a major impact on the future of recycling. However the current situation still calls for the reduction of disposable plastics. Also we don’t know what unforeseen impacts may arise, just as no one realized the problem plastic would become back in the 50s. But it is nice to have something positive to share for a change.

Scientists BY ACCIDENT create enzyme,
these new mutants eat plastic bottles.
But whenst unbottled where do new mutants dine,
when man’s the last course to throttle?

Ditto! :wink: